Cold Outside; Cheery Inside

The dogs and I just walked in 28 degree weather under an overcast dreary sky. Before coming in, I checked the greenhouse. Not dreary in there:

Senecio cephalophorus

Euphorbia milii in red

Thelocactus macdowellii-This one has been trying to open for the last three days with no success. I guess it is hoping for more sunshine.

Mammillaria red-headed Irishman

Euphorbia milii in white

Senecio saginata

Mammillaria spinosissima

Mammillaria hahnina-I think this one is wishing for more sunshine as well.

P.S.- My computer crashed right after Thanksgiving and I was without one until Christmas, so if you logged on and found nothing new, that is why. Assuming all the glitches have been worked out, everything should be back to normal now. Until the next computer crisis…


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