Tiger Jaws-Faucaria Tigrina

Faucaria tigrina, commonly called tiger jaws because of the shape of the leaves and the fact they have teeth-shaped appendages on the edges of the leaves that give the appearance of an open mouth full of teeth, are from South Africa. Mine tend to bloom late in the evening and will reopen once or twice.

I have been known to rot a pot or two of this specimen in the past watering too much when they are not blooming, so be careful. Even when they are blooming, water sparingly.

The foliage tends to turn purple when exposed to some direct sun; mine never have, however, because I have kept them out of direct sunlight and they stay dark green, and I like them that way. But you might prefer the color change. They seem to bloom in the fall, since they are from South Africa, below the Equator, which causes their blooming season to be opposite to ours. They make a nice addition to your collection.


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