A Delightful Little Lithop


I bought this pair of little lithops with hopes of keeping them alive, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and not only have they lived, but bloomed beautiful yellow flowers!


The little horned lizard, or as they are colloquially known in Texas, horny toads, was a souvenir from a trip to Galveston, and I thought he added a nice touch to the dish garden. The pony tail palm, beaucarnea recurvata,  makes a nice contrast to the lithop leslii, v. luteoninidis, and are good companions as both specimens can go several days between waterings, especially the lithops, which can go a long time without water in their dormant season.


The flowers opened Sunday evening; by nightfall they were beginning to close. Low and behold, for the next four days they have reopened, pretty as every. I am curious how many more days they will do this. Time will tell. I just hope I can keep them alive to do it again. It has been a pleasant surprise to find them open, bright and cheery one more time.


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