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The Warm and Cozy Greenhouse

The blizzard hit early in the morning this past Monday. And it was a doozy. Not as much snow as those of you who live in the far north take for granted, but the wind kicked up to 30 to 50 mph, visibility was nonexistent with the snow traveling sideways in that wind. We were credited with a 4-inch snowfall that made drifts and piles of snow in the most unexpected places. I didn’t bother to take a picture of the blizzard; a solid gray picture would not be very interesting.






Monday was a quintessential snow day; schools closed; many businesses didn’t bother to open; snow fell off and on most of the day. Tuesday was blessed with blue skies, little wind, and a bright sun to make the still- freezing temperatures tolerable. I had no choice but to sally forth and take yet more snow pictures. Mari, Porche, Perla, and Minnie tagged along while I looked for interesting shots and admired the diamond dust sparkling on the snow.



I didn’t go in the greenhouse until Tuesday afternoon, leaving the snow packed against the door for insulation against the cold. But when I did go in, well, it was 60 degrees, warm and toasty, and full of color. All the plants were very happy and had not a clue their cold hardy relatives outside were experiencing the cold first hand.





The larger specimens in the barn were happy, too, but most of the blooming was going on in the greenhouse, due to more access to light from the sun, no doubt.


So when the cold of winter gets me down, all I have to do is slip into the greenhouse and get lost in the color and green plants.


Let it snow.




Neoporteria. I bought this cactus several years ago because I liked the white spines, but was very pleasantly surprised and pleased when it bloomed-and bloomed and bloomed! The flowers last four or five days, and it will bloom off and on all year. So I highly recommend this one for your collection. In the past it has displayed up to seven flowers at one time.


Mammillaria Echinocactus Echinopsis


Mammillaria echinocactus echinopsis before blooming. The buds are becoming visible around the last ring of wooly aeroles. This picture was taken on January 20, 2013.

This is the same plant on February 13, 2013.  The buds are beginning to open.

On February 19, 2013, more flowers are showing with more on the way, as you can see many buds popping out of the top of the cactus.

Aloe Variegata


Aloe variegata hybrid.


I took these two pictures on February 2nd. A short eight days later, two more blooms appeared-



Bless its heart! Just blooming its little head off! The plant itself is attractive; the blooms are fun. I highly recommend it for your collection.